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Welcome to Arkovia, a new project nation located on the continent of Australia.

Arkovia is in the process of establishing a new and autonomous government, city, community, country, society and nation.

Our aspirations are to:

  • Create a pragmatic government, led by citizens, for citizens.
  • Allow citizens to pursue their life goals, aided by our government.
  • Focus on innovation of infrastructure, to acheive truely high living standards.
  • Modernize systems such as banking, education, governance and much more.
  • Create a safe and free society, with full protection over free speech, and other rights.

We are looking for risk-taking, intuitive, smart and passionate citizens who want to create a new life in Arkovia. Citizens can help the nation build through muscle, intellect, enterprise, finance or networking

181 citizens

We need 819 more citizens to hit our milestone.

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